Keynote Speakers

IPA Conference 2015

Stockholm Business School | 8-10 July



Keynote Speakers


Deirdre McCloskey


Why We Got Rich: Accounting for Growth in the Long Run


Wednesday July 8, 09.15-10.15


Professor Deirdre McCloskey is a world-renowned scholar who—as she writes on her webpage— is an economist, historian, and rhetorician who has written sixteen books and around 400 scholarly pieces on topics ranging from technical economics and statistics to transgender advocacy and ethics.




Steve Woolgar


It Could Be Otherwise


Thursday July 9, 14.00-15.00


Professor Steve Woolgar is one of the founding leaders of Science and Technology Studies in the European community. In the accounting community he is probably most well-known for his co-authored book "Laboratory life". In the recent 'turn to ontology in STS', Steve has lately (2013) published a book called “Mundane Governance: Ontology and Accountability”.




Jan Mouritsen


Accounting and Decision making


Friday July 10, 9.00-10.00


Professor Jan Mouritsen is one of the most influential researchers within the field of interdisciplinary accounting. Jan has published extensively and is well-known for his work on actor-network theory.



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